June Protein of the Month: Alaskan Salmon

Wild-Caught Salmon

Marty’s Meals uses Wild Salmon from the Alaskan coast in our dog food recipes. Not only is our salmon sustainably sourced, it is routinely tested for mercury and other toxins. Wild-caught cold-water salmon contains higher amounts of omega 3 fatty acids than warm water fish and is extremely low in saturated fat. These qualities of salmon help reduce the risk of unwanted inflammation, and assist in maintaining immune and circulatory systems.
With its vast amount of the health-promoting omega 3 fatty acid, Wild-caught salmon has many health benefits for your dog ranging from improved coat and skin, to strengthened joints, and increased organ health.
Omega 3 fatty acids, are considered essential to the diet based on the fact that (just like humans) dogs cannot produce it in their bodies – it must be obtained from foods.
Wild-caught Salmon is also rich in selenium, which has actually been found to reduce the chances of getting certain types of cancer in dogs, and is high in protein.