Marty’s Meals Sustainable Sourcing & Business Practices

“We’re sort of ‘triple bottom line plus,” says Marty’s Meals founder/owner Sandy Bosben, about her business, “because we add a fourth dimension – pets – to the goal of responsibility to the planet and to people, while still making a profit.”

Since the business’ launch in 2010, Sandy has been intent on making Marty’s Meals a case study in how sustainability and equitable business practices can fuel each other’s success. “We devote a great deal of attention to how we source every ingredient for our dog and cat food products. We get to know our small-scale farmers and ranchers. We work with suppliers who share our values for the ethical treatment and raising of healthy animals; we only use 100% Certified Organic vegetables and grains and we source as many ingredients regionally as are available. Locally-sourced ingredients ensure the shortest farm to kitchen delivery time.”

Marty’s Ingredient Sourcing Criteria:

1) We source and prepare recipes using the freshest, human-grade ingredients. Our food is handmade weekly and immediately frozen to ensure the most bioavailable nutrition for your pets.

2) We only source our proteins from small, community-scale ranchers and farmers. We NEVER source ingredients from factory farms, that in addition to the frequently reported inhumane treatment of animals, create a huge carbon footprint, and use and pollute significant amounts of water, as well, feed GMO-grown corn and grains*.

3) We work with ranchers and farmers who employ ethical, sustainable herd, land and crop management practices:
• Animals are raised cage-free, free-range and free-roaming
• Ranchers use humane slaughtering techniques

4) We buy Non-GMO Certified Turkey and Chicken, and our Boar, Salmon and Kangaroo are wild-harvested.

5) The beef, lamb, bison and goat we source are raised free-range and grass-fed on regional farms.

6) We source only 100% Certified Organic vegetables and bioavailable grains.

7) Reducing waste in Marty’s Meals’ operations is a primary objective:

• In our Recipes, we use as much of the animal as possible, (i.e. with lamb, grass-fed beef, Organic beef, and goat; we use the meat, heart, liver, kidney, stomach and bones. With our wild-caught fish, we use the whole fish except a portion of the head and fins that we compost. With vegetables, we use the whole plant with exception of bok choy ends, which we give to our goat farmer to use as feed.

• Ingredients are purchased in bulk containers and all ingredient packaging is recycled. With Marty’s new Ziploc bag recycling program, we can close the waste loop on our remaining 30%+ packaging. From the company’s inception, we’ve wrapped dog and cat food recipes in compostable butcher paper, representing approximately 70% of product packaging.

• The products contain no added water and little is used in production.

8) With the Boulder store in operation, Marty’s Meals is now shipping product north in the same trucks that bring some ingredients along with other companies’ products south, from Colorado – trucks that used to make a return trip, empty.

Neither store uses glass-front freezers because they are significantly less energy efficient; both are LED lit, are cleaned with environmentally safe products and we offer reusable thermal shopping bags made from 20% recycled #5 plastic.

All company employees are paid above the Living Wage. Our business was awarded “Client of the Year” in 2015 by the Santa Fe Small Business Development Center and is a new member of Naturally Boulder, the initiative founded to cultivate Colorado’s natural products businesses.