Marty’s Meals: Principles to Guide Us In 2020

For businesses, as much as for people, the coming of a New Year is a time for reflections and resolutions. We notice and appreciate what’s worked, and we make plans to build on successes, learn from mistakes, and try new things. If we want to reflect on how we’re doing, and resolve to move ahead, it’s helpful to revisit guiding principles.

Marty’s Meals is a Triple Bottom Line PLUS business – we place the welfare of People, Planet and Pets on an equal footing with Profit.

Profit is the ship that keeps us above water. Care for Pets is our North Star: if we steer by that, everything else will fall in place. Care for People is the sextant and rudder, the way we stay true to our course. And Care for our Planet is the ocean, the big picture in which all of this takes place.

You see Care for the Planet in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. It’s also in our support of area farmers and ranchers who don’t use GMOs, and who raise crops organically and animals humanely. We are using more compostable packaging and working to achieve 90% freedom from plastic in 2020. Sandy was invited to sit on a food sustainability panel with Mayor Webber in 2019. We’re small, but we take our responsibility toward our planet’s health seriously.

You see Care for People in the many ways we connect with our community. In 2019 we supported Bridging the Worlds, Rancho de Chihuahua, Assistance Dogs of the West, In Good Company, and others, with events in the store, donations in kind, and in other ways as needs arose. We’re thrilled they’re here, and encourage you to support them, too. Our veterinarian partners have been in store to answer your questions. Our store staff, and the folks you see in the kitchen, are all here to answer your questions and meet your expectations of exceptional service and food quality.

You see Care for Pets in everything we do: in the quality of our food, supplements, and toys, and in how we make our store a safe, welcoming place for them. What you may not notice are all the steps we take behind the scenes. We track our refrigerators and freezers for consistent temperature. We installed an anti-microbial floor in our kitchen. We regularly analyze the nutritional content of our food. And we stay abreast of updates in animal nutrition science. We also love on your pets when you bring them in to say hello. That’s our favorite part.

In our next newsletter and future blogs, we’ll share with you some of our plans to steer by these values in 2020. We at Marty’s Meals wish you and your loved ones a wonderful New Year of more opportunities to live by your values, too. See you soon!

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