Marty’s Loves Cats, Too










… And yet. The word most often associated with cats and food must be “finicky.” Cats are obligate carnivores: they have evolved to eat prey, meaning almost exclusively fresh meat. But they have a remarkable gift for not eating unfamiliar foods. We have created transition diets to make the switch easier. They contain only human-grade meat, with a little kelp and sea salt to provide essential minerals.

The venison transition diet adds calcium, as bones are not included in the grind, as they are in turkey, rabbit, or chicken transition diets. Calcium and ground bone provide light abrasion that cleans teeth while they are eating, in addition to the nutritional value. Kibble and other dry foods contribute to the formation of plaque. We include a tiny amount of greens and vegetables in our non-transition diets. It’s an optimal version of what a cat would consume from the stomach of its prey.

Transitioning may take longer with cats than with dogs (who will eat anything), but patience and observation will pay off. Introduce the new food slowly, until they get familiar with it. To increase palatability, try different protein sources at varying temperatures, i.e. pour warm water or bone broth on the food, or lightly sauté. Try adding Support Powder, which has been used successfully by customers to shorten the transition period. Also, try using bone broth with dry food to make it soft, and slowly adding the fresh food to help make the transition successful. Any change in consistency, smell or flavor puts the feline instinct on high alert! Slow introduction is the key.

Dr. Kim Freeman says that keeping your cat hydrated with every meal, by using fresh wholesome ingredients that are species appropriate, can go a long way to preventing kidney disease and other medical issues.

Come in and let us know if you’d like to switch your cat from commercially processed to real, fresh, juicy food made in our kitchen. We’ll send you off with some free samples of our transition diet to start with and answer any questions you may have.