January Protein of the Month: Grass-fed Lamb

Marty’s selects a range of grass-fed, organic and wild proteins for our Raw and Gently Cooked Recipes – that when fed in rotation, provide your dogs and cats with optimal nutrition that emulates the variety found in their ancestral diets.

Grass-fed lamb contains less of the bad fats than the leanest cuts of grain-fed or grain finished lamb, plus it contains up to three times more Omega-3s and is a rich source of cancer-preventing conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

Lamb has its own special benefits. It is high in the complete range of B vitamins, which are essential for digestion, bone, skin, and hair growth, stress relief, and strengthening the immune system. Lamb is also a good source of calcium, copper, iron and phosphorous, which contribute to bone growth and a healthy hemoglobin count. Phosphorous also helps with kidney function. Two other minerals high in lamb meat, selenium and zinc, enhance healing and the immune system. The great news is that grass-fed lamb has up to four times more of all these crucial nutrients than meat from commercially-raised lamb.

Marty’s formulates pet food recipes and recommended feeding programs aligned with the guiding principle, that “real food is Nature’s medicine.” Traditional Chinese Medicine uses food therapy as one of its three primary modalities, along with acupuncture and herbology, to address illness and imbalances in the body – human or animal. In the TCM system, lamb is a Yang meat, which means it can contribute to rebalancing body heat in the animal or person who consumes it. This makes our Grass-fed Lamb Recipes a great choice for those chilly winter nights.

Marty’s mission is to do business with ranchers that practice responsible agriculture and sustainable sourcing where animals gain nutrients from their pasture in the natural way these animals were meant to live. They are less stressed, which means they do not require a host of antibiotics to keep them healthy. This less intensive ranching style is easier on the families and dogs who work with the sheep, as well.

“Grass-feeding is a natural and environmentally responsible way to raise grazing animals like cattle, bison and sheep — and pastured animals create a smaller carbon-footprint resulting in animals with lower stress levels and less exposure to disease.”
– Sandy Bosben, Marty’s Meals founder

Marty’s Meals recognizes the power we have to change how animals are raised by selecting only meats and poultry that are not factory-farmed. We go to great lengths to insure that every protein source is raised in an environment where the animal grows naturally – with plenty of open space to thrive – on a natural diet free of GMO’s, pesticides, antibiotics and added hormones. At the heart of Marty’s mission is a commitment to protect the welfare of all animals, the environment and all the people we work with and for.