Why Feed Love

Choosing what we feed our pets is a big responsibility. The food we feed our pets is more that just ‘fuel’. It is a source of many vital nutrients that greatly contributes to good health. Marty’s Meals was started because we want the pet you love to have a diet that provides exceptional nutrition through the actual food. Essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are most usable and valuable when they come from the source. Our menus have been meticulously designed to closely mimic a natural diet by using the finest organic and all natural ingredients. You can trust that you are feeding your pet a a premium food if you’re feeding Marty’s Meals. Feed the best, FEED LOVE.

Marty’s Meals are available in our store at 1107 Pen Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Monday-Friday: 8:30am to 6 pm
Saturday 8:30 – 5:30 pm
Closed Sundays

We also deliver right to your door in Santa Fe, Eldorado, Galisteo and Albuquerque.